CMS Utilizes Technology to Empower Employees When It Comes to Safety

In order to empower and encourage all employees to be safer, Complete Mechanical Services (CMS) has implemented an online safety portal. The purpose of having a safety program is to reduce potential hazards and the elimination of accidents and incidents involving personal injury and property damage. An individual’s safety, the safety of co-workers and the safety of the general public is a CORE Value at CMS with a goal of zero workplace injuries.

Employees are expected to participate in weekly toolbox talks, site safety inspections, wear and use the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and to learn and follow the rules according to the CMS Safety and Health Manual.  Employees are also tasked with REPORTING near misses, incidents, accidents and most importantly, safety suggestions.  Employees are empowered to help CMS continue to refine and improve the safety culture and all suggestions are welcomed.

All employees have personal access to the online safety portal that consists of being able to contact the Safety Manager directly, create safety suggestions, report any infectious disease, access to the entire CMS SDS library electronically, required Safety or HR training/refresher training, and see any near miss report or accident report associated with their name.  The Safety Director can assign specific “actions” requiring a completion acknowledgement to individual employees, as necessary.

The site Supervisors, Foreman, and Managers can complete all the same functions as the employees but are also able to report and conduct initial incident reporting.  Once that initial report of a near miss or incident/accident occurs the Safety Director is notified immediately for review.  Either the person who initially submitted the report and/or the Safety director can add witness statements, pictures, and any related documentation in regard to the incident.

After the initial report is complete and the investigation has been finished by the Safety Director, the incident will be reviewed, updated and corrective actions will be assigned and implemented.  The portal overview for the Safety Director will be updated once the incident has been “closed” and corrective actions have been completed.  The dashboard for the Safety Director shows all incidents by category (first aid, damage to property, injury) along with incidents graphed by month/day, TRIR and DART rates in real time.

The empowerment of the employee to be involved in safety reporting in the form of suggestions and near misses allows CMS to identify and correct issues before an accident occurs adding to the positive safety culture.  We are our Brother’s Keeper.

Written by Matthew Baldwin - Director of Safety