One Tiny Freight Elevator. Thousands of Pipes. Finished in Just 48 Hours.


For Scripps Center, it was a huge risk to take their 12″ loop piping out of commission even for a moment. They needed a partner who could work closely with them to create a game plan to take the system down on Friday night and also have it back up and running for Monday morning.

While they received bids from several other companies, CMS won out. As Scripps Center Asset Manager Bob Luby said, “The CMS bid delivered a solid savings from the others.”

So the goal? A seamless process to replace the Scripps Center piping, located on the 36th floor, without any interruption in day-to-day operations. There was no room for error.

There was just one potential glitch: The only way to deliver the extremely large pipes and fittings ahead of the install was to access the systems while on the 36th floor via one small freight elevator. So, we had to get creative. The solution? Fabricate the pipes to specification off-site and then cut them in pieces to fit into the tight freight elevator space.

Lastly, on install day, we demoed the old pipes and installed the new ones. Bob Luby commented, “The CMS team did an amazing job of fitting every piece in place and welding stainless on site to a perfect fit.”

As Bob said, “We made it, ahead of time, on budget, with no injuries. It took a team of dedicated, talented guys working around the clock to get this done. The CMS team was good to work with, knowledgeable, and they really hustled.” He continued, “A lot was accomplished in a short amount of time. CMS delivered all the way around, price, planning, execution, you hit all the targets. We certainly feel comfortable recommending CMS after the way your team performed!”

To Bob Luby and to Mark Coffey, Scripps Center Building Engineer, we say thank you. It was our honor to work on such a pivotal project for you.

Scripps Center

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