BWC TERMINALS – Refined Corn Oil Expansion Project (2023)

BWC Terminals Case Study

Complete Mechanical Services (CMS) successfully completed the BWC Terminals Refined Corn Oil Expansion Project in Cincinnati, Ohio. The project involved extensive in-house services, including scanning, design, civil work, fabrication, and installation of a complex platform and piping system. Completed within the expected timeline and budget, the project enabled the client to efficiently transload their product, granting access to new markets.

The scope of work encompassed excavation, concrete pump containment pads, piping system installations, and modifications. CMS designed, fabricated, and installed a 300-foot rail/truck receipt access platform with safety access gangways. The 300-foot curved rail platform was efficiently installed using CMS’s capabilities in 3D scanning, design, prefabrication, and modular assembly, minimizing disruption to the client’s operations.

CMS also installed and modified various piping systems, including stainless steel and carbon steel piping. The team provided heating coil installation in storage tanks to maintain the desired temperature of refined corn oil, ensuring safe storage and transport. This expansion system allowed BWC Terminals to transport oil via river barge, rail, and truck, opening new markets for their products.

Throughout the project, CMS prioritized safety and compliance with industry standards. Safety features were incorporated into the rail/truck receipt access platform, and high-quality materials were used, including stainless steel and carbon steel piping. CMS’s commitment to safety and quality workmanship resulted in a successful project outcome.

The BWC Terminals Refined Corn Oil Expansion Project not only presented unique challenges but also contributed to the manufacturing process, facilitating the delivery of products to customers. CMS’s involvement in transloading facilities highlights their expertise and dedication to providing innovative solutions that support their partners’ operations.

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