Underground Work

Our Underground Services:

Trenching & Excavation: We offer professional trenching and excavation services for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s for utility installations, pipeline systems, or underground structures, our skilled team ensures precise and safe excavation according to project requirements.

Utility Installations: CMS handles underground utility installations, including water supply lines, sewage systems, stormwater drainage systems, and more. We ensure proper alignment, connections, and adherence to local codes and regulations.

Directional Drilling: We utilize advanced directional drilling techniques to install underground utilities and pipelines with minimal disruption to the surface. This method allows for precise and controlled drilling beneath existing structures, roadways, and environmentally sensitive areas.

Tunneling & Microtunneling: CMS has the capabilities for tunneling and microtunneling, providing solutions for underground infrastructure development. Whether it’s for transportation, utilities, or other applications, we deliver efficient and accurate tunneling services.

Ground Stabilization & Reinforcement: We provide ground stabilization and reinforcement solutions to address challenging soil conditions. Through techniques such as soil nailing, grouting, and ground anchors, we enhance the stability and strength of the underground structures.

Shoring & Excavation Support: CMS offers shoring and excavation support systems to ensure safe and stable excavations. Our team employs various techniques, such as soldier piles, sheet piles, and soil retention systems, to prevent soil collapse and maintain a secure work environment.

Manhole & Vault Construction: We specialize in manhole and vault construction, creating sturdy and accessible structures for underground utility access. Our team ensures proper design, construction, and installation to meet the specific needs of your project.

Underground Pipe Work
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