Formica Corporation Had a Challenging Project for us. Luckily, That’s What We Love to do.

Formica Corporation Case Study

Some clients are unsure about how to approach a project; Formica Corporation, however, was not one of those clients. They knew they needed a new process area, so they called on CMS to create the game plan and to bring it all to life.

It was no easy task, especially since Formica’s project timeline was an aggressive one. So, we sharpened our proverbial pencils, and we brainstormed ways to make it all happen within the requested time-frame.

We managed all of the construction phases, coordinated with all of the trades, and everything in between. Firstly our team created the design for the piping, planned and managed the entire project, and worked closely with the Formica team to ensure we exceeded expectations. We wouldn’t settle for anything less.

“CMS was the perfect partner for what could have been a challenging project. They anticipated every potential obstacle, as well as planned for each of them. Not only did they meet our time-frame, but they did it all with precision and the utmost quality,” said Lindsay Millward, Project Engineer.

Lastly, we’d like to thank Formica for trusting us with such an important project. We’re honored to call you an overall valued client.

Services provided:

  • Budget cost estimation
  • Tank fabrication
  • Tank/equipment setting
  • Emergency shut-down response
  • Code/pressure vessel repairs
  • Utility services including back-flow preventer installation and annual testing
  • Extension of maintenance department
  • Structural steel design, fabrication, painting/galvanizing and lastly installation
  • Structural mezzanine/equipment access design, fabrication, painting/galvanizing, and installation
  • Retro-fit piping routing design, fabrication, and installation in extremely congested and maintenance sensitive areas.
  • Assist in multiple trades coordination
  • Demolition
  • Civil excavation, form, and pouring
  • Work with area maintenance supervisors, production supervisors, project managers, and project engineers.

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