Quaker Tank Farm Expansion

Quaker Case Study

The Quaker Chemical Tank Farm Expansion project was successfully undertaken by Complete Mechanical Services (CMS), showcasing innovative and effective construction management. CMS demonstrated their expertise in tank fabrication, installation, and piping modifications by adding six new stainless steel storage tanks, a tank farm concrete pad with containment wall, and a tank farm catwalk. One of the project’s distinguishing factors was CMS’s personnel management program, which enabled them to self-perform 90% of the project, ensuring high-quality control and project management. CMS implemented regular inspection, testing, and training for the project team, resulting in timely completion and adherence to the budget.

CMS’s efficient pre-fabrication process in their shop proved more advantageous than on-site fabrication, saving the client both time and money. They used Plant 3D models converted into 2D CAD files with AutoCAD, and the CMS waterjet machine facilitated the fabrication process by cutting various steel components. The CMS Quality Team ensured accuracy by referencing the 2D and 3D models during fabrication.

Additionally, the Quaker Chemical Tank Farm Expansion project faced a space constraint that posed a challenge. With insufficient room to accommodate two additional tanks, CMS devised an innovative solution by creating dual compartment tanks. This modification allowed for the storage capacity of two tanks within the footprint of one, maximizing the available space effectively. CMS’s ability to adapt and find creative solutions ensured the project’s success while meeting the client’s requirements for increased storage capacity.

A value analysis program implemented by CMS contributed to cost reduction without compromising the project’s quality. The project was completed within the allocated budget, covering material and delivery, fabrication, installation, pressure testing, flange coverings, engineering, and shop drawings.

Despite encountering obstacles, such as relocating the existing steam station and ensuring safety in a complex work environment, CMS devised innovative solutions and overcame challenges. Prior to project commencement, CMS prioritized safety by conducting thorough safety assessments, determining required training, and addressing any gaps. Through their Safety Platform, CMS provided specific site training and monitored worker progress, resulting in zero safety incidents during the intense installation process.

Overall, the Quaker Chemical Tank Farm Expansion project exemplified CMS’s commitment to quality, efficiency, collaboration, cost-effectiveness, and safety in construction management.

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