Watco – Environmental Preservation Project (2024)

Watco Case Study

CMS took on the ambitious Watco Cincinnati Marine Terminal project, tasked with addressing the environmental impact of salt storage on the Ohio River. The project was critical in preventing salt runoff during heavy rains, which threatened the local ecosystem.

CMS executed a comprehensive plan involving the installation of a 1.5 million gallon holding tank and an extensive system of pumps and pipes to manage and treat the runoff. The system captured saltwater runoff in a collection pit, transferring it to the tank for controlled discharge back into the river, significantly reducing the salt concentration to safe levels.

The project also featured innovative solutions such as an advanced electrical control system to manage the process and specially designed diffusers to ensure a gentle reintroduction of treated water to the river. The use of high-capacity pumps and a detailed excavation and construction plan allowed CMS to self-perform 75% of the project, with over 9,400 man hours. Despite challenges like weather variability and logistical constraints, the project was completed with a strong emphasis on safety, resulting in zero incidents.

This initiative not only mitigated immediate environmental threats but also set a new standard for sustainable practices along the Ohio River, demonstrating CMS’s commitment to innovative environmental stewardship.

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